Local partner of the WASH project of Caritas Tajikistan (CT) – “Obdehot” (in translation: Water for villages) significantly improves its skills and knowledge thanks to collaboration with the project. Recently CT availed them modern technology for diagnostic of deep water supply wells. It uses CCTV video camera with special redesigned waterproof housing and special LED lighting that allows send it to watch into the up to 70 meter deepness. It was designed by CT staff. Thanks to this technology they could find the sand ejection problem of one of the wells in the target district. As known, such problem extremely reduces life of deep water pumps. The investigation showed that the well main wall-pipe had rupture in deepness of 30 meter. The equipment allowed find, measure and assessing break remotely. To liquidate this break the project did another locally unique work, i.e. to patch the whole remotely with self-made manipulators. This way the well was rehabilitated and life of pumps extended. By this exercise Obdehot enriched its experience even more to the level that they can use these equipment, knowledge and experience to earn and sustain their organization.