For the last two years Caritas Tajikistan (CT) supported many migrants returning back home from European countries, where they moved to look for better life. Majority of returnees come from Germany, but also some of them from other countries like Austria and Netherlands. Currently staff of CT is working with 3 cases.
One of the returnees we work currently with a few months ago came back from Germany. He was not successful in legalization of his residence status in Germany and could not be reintegrated there, therefore decided to come back to home country. While coming back he joined his family and was involved in doing small business. Jointly with other family members they run private farm. They plant potato as a main crop. It yields in June-July and then will be season for marketing and income. But currently they have to invest in fertilizers and cultivation work. Therefore reintegration plan of the returnee involved support to their family farm and he going to invest his reintegration support fund for development of this agrobusiness.
Caritas Tajikistan supported him on the set up of his business plan, the way of the effective use of the funds he received from Micado Migration, making available the fund and covering his expenses for doing the business. Already 2/3 of the fund used to purchase fertilizers and other chemicals used in growing potato. The new/fresh potato is in high demand in the local market and can be easily cold. This year the farm members are expecting to have a good profit from potato and secondary crops. The climate condition in Tajikistan is favorable for planting 2-3 crops in a season, which will contribute to the successful realization of business of his family farm.