At the end of September The Church in Tajikistan and Caritas Tajikistan (CT) has celebrations of 20th anniversary of Mission Sui Iuris in Tajikistan. Celebrations lasted three days including Holy Mass and consecration on the new altar, and cultural events. Guests from Vatican, CI and other courtiers took part in the celebrations. Caritas also made presentation of its activities.

Catholic Church in Tajikistan was founded on the 70s of last century by German community. The collapse of SU in 1991 and the following civil conflict in Tajikistan made these people seek refuge from the country and it let sometimes Church without permanent service. Such, in 1997 Pope John Paul II created Mission Sui Iuris to Tajikistan with purpose reactivate regular services of church in the country that become the symbolic date for reviving Church in this country.

The first imitative social work of the church in order to respond to the pressing needs of the people was soup kitchen. With the aim professionalize social work here Caritas Tajikistan was registered in 2004 and office was opened in 2007 with the support of CRS.