11 students of boarding schools who were trained by senior volunteers in the frame of CT project “Capacity building of vulnerable youth by Inter generational cooperation: Preparation for adulthood- supervision for success” received skill certificates issued by the Adult Learning Centre (ALC) of the Ministry of Labor and Migration of Tajikistan.  According to the agreement between the project and ALC students who were trained by the project volunteers can pass examination and receive respective government Certificate. This is special arrangement made by the ministry in favor of the project and to support orphan adolescents targeted by the project.  It is important to note that these Certificates are recognized by all institutions existing in Tajikistan and some CIS countries.

The boarding school graduator -Doston Dustmatov says that prospective of future life for him becoming more positive as her has received Certificate of Confectioner. There are many restaurants, enterprises in the city where he can find job with this Certificate. He can also open his business by producing and selling his products.

The above activity addresses the common problem for orphans after life in orphanages. The issue is that when the students graduate boarding schools/the orphanages and step into independent adult life, they have to be self sustained in their independent life. Not everybody succeeds to enter university and colleges. Here they have hard time to come as they have no family support. They have to be able to find a job in order to feed themselves and pay rent for a place to stay.