On November 19th, Caritas organizations around the world celebrated the first World day of the Poor. CT jointly with Caritas Luxembourg undertook several important actions devoted to celebration of the day in Tajikistan.

A) On November 17, CT organized a charity dinner for 60 poor elderly and disabled living in Dushanbe, partners from LNGO Zumrad, the Adult learning Center (Ministry of Labor and Migration) joined the celebration. The dinner was preceded by a meeting of people in difficulty with Caritas and government leaders where importance of supporting the poor was mentioned and understanding their life challenges was expressed.

B) A mass event on celebration of two events: World day of the Poor and Global handwashing day (WASH) and, emphasizing this way link that poor hygiene practices precondition for poor health and poverty; focusing on the role the poor in the community, their vulnerability and need to support. The event brought together more than 60 schoolchildren. The event organized on 22/11/2017 in Jomi district with the support of LNGO Pairaha and partnership of CT and Education department of the district.

C) Meeting and distribution of food and hygiene parcels to poor disabled people in Kurgan-Tube city was organized by CT. 30 poor disabled people invited to the event. Association of Disabled people in Kurgan-Tube was the main partner. The event was organized on 20/11/2017.

All actions underlined the attention that the poor shall be considered as an integral part of our communities they deserve our support assistance and love.