Jomi WASH project started the second cycle of WASH trainings for population. The same as the all three cycles (on Water born diseases and Hygiene) it covers adult population and school children of all schools in the target areas. As part of its strategy to develop local NGOs, CT cooperates with LNGO “Pairaha” to organize trainings in the target district. “Pairaha” is local NGO established in 2004 and specialized on environmental work. It is second year of collaboration of the project with this partner on WASH trainings. Preparation for each cycle of trainings goes through preparatory work including TOT for trainers and actual “in the field” test of knowledge and skills of trainers.

Trainings focus on raising awareness of population on prevention from water, sanitation and hygiene related diseases. Conducting of trainings in the schools goes well. Nevertheless, ensuring attendance of adults for the water trainings- discussions meets some difficulties.

These activities take place in frame of Jomi WASH-2 project of CT supported by CRS.