Caritas Tajikistan arraigned a preparedness emergency activity on prevention of COVID-19 epidemic to support vulnerable groups. These vulnerable groups are elderly residents of capital city, elderly and disabled people living in an elderly house (Batosh), adolescents from two boarding schools (Dushanbe and Shahrinav) and teenagers living upbringing colony of penitentiary system. Aim of the activity was to contribute to prevention and/or to slowing down the spread of the virus among most vulnerable groups, in the light of global threat of pandemic COVID-19.
Respective staff of the organization with medical background met target groups in the respective institutions and conducted mini prophylactic instructions about preventive measures on COVID-19. The instruction was connected to the distributing hygiene sets with particular focus on antiseptic agents/ soups of personal use, protection (surgery) masks (of local production) for individual use. Some conservable food items were also distributed.
Funded by Caritas Germany

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