CT is happy to report on the resuming social work with youth. This is occurring in frame of the project “Preparation for adulthood – supervision for success”-2. From 2016 the organization addressing needs of youth orphans in the country. The program is realized with support of Caritas Germany office in Tajikistan and realized with the LNGO Zumrad.

This is a social project with unique concept developed thanks to the combined efforts of the partners. The project builds on the idea of mutual cooperation and support between two groups: seniors and orphan adolescents. In particular, the project targets orphans from boarding schools in their important stage of their life – preparation to adulthood, and seniors target group of former Caritas projects. Orphans through activities of the project receive support, life skills training and guidance from seniors-volunteers to be prepared for independent life. At the same time seniors receive indispensable moral satisfaction from interaction with youth. It is the second project and has planned one year life span.