On March 24 we celebrated World Tuberculosis Day. Caritas Tajikistan (CT) uses this important celebration day to express its enormous respect and admiration for the work done by all of us around the region, and world to End TB.

It also is the right opportunity to remind us that TB is a global health issue that affects every year thousands of people in our country and millions globally.

Let us use this event to raise awareness of communities in areas where we work and show support for those affected by TB. It is a chance to encourage people to get tested, search for treatment, and take steps to prevent the spread of tuberculosis everywhere.

Notable that this is a special year for the celebration of this Day as we step toward The United Nations General Assembly (the 2nd high-level meeting [UN HLM] in history) on the fight against tuberculosis (on 22 September this year).

On this occasion, let us engage people, and communities with the topic and spread messages to encourage them to take to stand against tuberculosis and to support those who are suffering from it, closely involve our governments in fruitful cooperation and support TB work and most importantly share responsibility for achieving SDG goal on TB and end TB by 2030.

Whether it’s a simple message of inspiration we generate and share these days or writing an extensive stipulated wish, every effort counts in the fight against TB.

Let us take a stand in this work and encourage others that together we can End TB.

YES, We Can End TB!

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