The project “Preparation for adulthood- supervision for success”-2 of CT does quite unique useful rights advocacy work with adolescents of grade 9 and 11 in two boarding schools of the country. These schools located in Dushanbe and Shahrinav district.
The problems of orphans living in boarding schools are lack of knowledge of their basic rights and responsibilities. Therefore, adolescents have a lot of legal issues and help them understand them, and prepared to enter an independent life. Here, the project legal and social specialists support them.
Needs of adolescents identified thorough assessments and find their reflection on the topics of information-legal sessions and other activities. Graduate students of grades 9 and 11, who will soon leave the walls of boarding schools and start independent life, are primary beneficiaries of such legal activities.
To address these needs the project organizes information legal sessions, gives individual case based legal consultations and yet advocate their rights in different instances.
Particular attention at the rights’ sessions are paid to the Laws of the county “On the Protection of the Rights of Children”, laws and regulations on social allowances for these vulnerable categories of population, the Civil, Labor, Family, Criminal Codes of the Republic of Tajikistan and other relevant regulations.
Very often these children face serious legal discrimination since some of them do not have right legal documentation starting from ID (and even birth certificate) and other proving their vulnerability status (like loss of a breadwinner certificate, parents’ death certificate, social vulnerability certificate). This leads to the situation that these children remain beyond social help packages of the government and also cannot pretend for any assets remaining from their parents. And, there is nobody in the orphanages to work with this.
From the moment of start of the project in 2018 more than one hundred orphans were supported to realize their rights and get smooth start of independent, post-boarding school life. This support does not only include theoretical rights awareness activity but much real advocacy work via running to different instances to defend rights of the vulnerable teenagers.
Project funded by Caritas Germany


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