From the beginning of 2019 CT started realization of project – “Improving Public Waste Mangement in Jomi”. This project become for CT a kind of turning point in WASH program of CT because it started activities in the relatively new field for CT- waste management and enrolment care. We are delighted that this project aligns with Laudato Si (The Pope’s inspirational Encyclical on the Environment).
During work of this project one remote district in the south of Tajikistan was guided and supported on right and efficient functioning with waste and environment care. The project helped to enhance capacity of the institution responsible for waste management in the district, introduced process of basic waste reusing and recycling, several public and school based waste collections were rehabilitated, population and schoolchildren trained to basics of 3R of waste management and good practices on it. All this allowed the project to improve public waste management and health of population in the target area and more importantly improve environment care.
Project is supported by Caritas Luxembourg

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