For CT December was quite busy time on social reintegration work with migrants as there were several cases of repatriation of migrants from Europe. Four returnees came back from Germany and two from Netherlands.
Caritas Tajikistan cooperated with Micado Migration and Refugee Council of Netherland supporting reintegration of those returnees back in homeland. Essential part of this social reintegration work that CT is working on is guiding and supporting returnees in making choice regarding finding right engagement after coming back home. Most popular engagements for returnees in this context, for some reasons, are taxi services, reconstruction business and, on the odd occasion, farming to generate income. Often, priority is given to the businesses giving income in shortest period. Caritas makes sure that fosterlings know and consider marketing and legal aspects of the certain business. Part of the support they receive is to helping them in developing a business plan for organizing their small business and facilitation and accompaniment in obtaining funds the supporting agencies. Next to that we monitor purposeful and efficient use of received funds according to their plans and requirements of donors.

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