Taking the occasion of International Heart Day staff of CT has visited the National pediatric cardio surgery unit that was set up by Caritas efforts through the program: “Setting up pediatric cardio surgery unit” (implemented through projects I-III, 2011-16). It is a real lifesaving project that CT ever implemented in the country. Creation of the unit allowed to safe life of tenth of infants and children with congenital heart failures and other heart problems annually. According to the statistic of 2012, among all reasons of mortality among infants the heart failures take third place. 91% of all fatal cases because of congenital failures and vessels problems made of infants in the first year of life. Heart problems become reason of disability of 10.1 children for 10 thousand kids.
Newly created unit, equipped with most recent technical equipment for conducting surgery on children including infants and newborns! The main strength of the unit is its specialists, who collaborate with leading heart pediatric clinics of Russia, India and Iran. Another strength of the unit is that the unit’s staff demonstrated ability to maintain technically complicated modern equipment used in the center, which is very seldom in this region.
It is becoming tradition for CT to attend its past projects with the aim to learn and use for future projects’ design useful experience of past projects. The visit also has motivating purpose for staff of the unit to be in the loop of interest of the humanitarian actor setting up the unit.

The program was funded by Caritas Luxembourg

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