Caritas Tajikistan actively involved itself to the celebration of the Share the Journey Global Week of Action (GWA) 2019 of 29 Sept – 6 October 2019. This year’s Global Week of Action (GWA) was the fourth global mobilization initiative promoted by CI that mobilized Caritas MOs around the Share the Journey (STJ) campaign.
Campaign’s goal was to increase the number of spaces and opportunities to bring local communities, migrants and refugees closer together. The methodology behind the STJ campaign revolves around the Culture of Encounter. The theme was art. Art and the beauty that it is able to convey have the power to impact on people’s minds and hearts.
Responding to this call for actions, Caritas Tajikistan delighted by its last year success in the STJ campaign did good homework this year, too. CT organized an interaction event bringing together local community and refugees from Afghanistan, particularly women. All together the event could bring together 70 participants including Afghan refugees, local elderly, Caritas and Government representatives. The event was organized in collaboration with the ministry of Labor and Migration. The event gave cultural exchange possibility to Afghan refugees and local population through exhibiting their traditions, music and dressings. It is also implied to have joint meal with combined traditional food.

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