CT continuously integrates provisions its Environment policy to its program and program support activities. Here, we tell about the initiative that becoming part of the “Improving Waste Management in Jomi district” project. The project staff, guided by the policy is introducing some activities, as an extra project initiative, leading to environment protection. Such, collection of plastic and other recyclable initiative are going through its pilot phase. Although looking very obvious for many countries and regions, the collection of recyclable waste is not commonly spread in country side of Tajikistan. Local private undertakers do some collection work of the black and color metals but due to low price and high transport cost for this voluminous plastic goods it is not popular to collect plastics, paper and other recyclable materials. Contemplation over this situation guided the project to launch the initiative that includes collection, buying plastic from population and delivering to big suppliers in capital city. This measure along with other training activities will contribute to the introduction of the environmental culture among the population change of behavior of population.

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