CT has finalized reintegration social work with one more migrant returned from Europe. Usmonbek, is a returnee who a few years ago moved to Germany with the intention to make earn money for life. He is a veterinarian and was working in the past (till 90th) in cattle breeding in the country. In the new economical situation his job was not demanded in the job market and he had to migrate. Long time he was a bus driver in Russia. When there was an opportunity to move to European countries he tried to use this chance. So, he faced a new reality and challenges there. The language issue of and realization of his skills and knowledge gained in past was the main one. He started new life with language courses and skill trainings qualifying himself in a new field, he became a housemaster. Nevertheless, money that he started earning this way was hardly enough for his everyday needs plus needs of family at home. So, he decided to come back to his own country and start his life here again, and here where organization Micado Migration and Caritas helped him to.
To start new life in Tajikistan or to be reintegrated back in the home country requires from Usmonbek much effort, and here Caritas accompanies him. One of the first things to do for him after return was thinking about job, business to make a living. And, here Caritas provided him orientation.
As a veterinarian, he was initially thinking about breeding cattle for milk and meat production. However, after deeper analyses and consultations he concluded that this business may bring some income in long time perspective. Therefore, this business idea was rejected and actively discussed another option, taxi service. With his past experience in public transportation it seems to him easy to handle the task and with Caritas guidance he started developing business plan for it. Today, with Micado Migration and Caritas support, Usmonbek is exercising his past skills in new field, and we wish him to sustain in this business.

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