Apart from its separate response actions on COVID-19, CT runs a response project in Tajikistan. The project reaches 12 000 inmate and staff of penitentiary system (PS) and 6000 population of township Qubodiyon. The project works with medical department of PS and central clinic in Qubodiyon district and aims to strengthen capacity of those medical units (in 15 medical facilities in penitentiary institutes and one civil infectious disease clinic) to prevent and control the epidemic. The project improves infection control conditions and diagnostic and treatment capacity of the target medical units. The target institutions under this objective improved their equipment of special wards under treatment of infectious respiratory diseases (oxygen supply equipment installed), received individual protection means, disinfectants, UF lamps, ward ventilation means, distance thermometers, drugs and other.
Another essential part of the work of the project included reinforcing prophylactic measures in communities of Qubodiyon township and in PS institutions. Here, the project produced communication materials and conducted instruction-trainings for about two thousands of population, inmates and PS staff. Improving access to washing facilities were also part of this component and the project and 10+ institutions benefited from this activity.
CT has experience of running projects in penitentiary system environment and with this project it has extended its practice.

The project funded by Caritas Luxembourg

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