Farhod Islomov is back home after sometimes spent in Europe, mostly in Germany. In his home city, Kulyab, he is living near the Central Market. This type of market provides a lot of job opportunities for the local inhabitants of the city and villages around. There are many small and big shops for selling almost all kinds of goods, restaurants, and workshops in the market providing different types of services to the population. One of these shops in this market was owned by Farhod, our returnee. He sells clothes for men, women and children, and handbags.
When Farhod returned back from Germany, he planned to resume his business. Resettlement expenses and return to the normal life in his community was not easy. First of all, he decided to start to reestablish his lost business, and here he needed support. Here the reintegration budget allocated for him by Caritas Internationalis Belgium was very well timed and to come in handy. Caritas Tajikistan (CT) as a local social-reintegration agent facilitated his reintegration in the homeland. According to his business plan developed in the frame of this work, he decided to invest the reintegration support funds for the revolving fund of his business, the clothing shop. The plan aimed at quick income as he as an experienced entrepreneur in the field has prior knowledge and experience.
Farhod, guided by CT has targeted some wholesale shops in Korvon market, Dushanbe for buying goods for retail. Members of his family have also supported Farhod in renewing his businesses, in particular, his brothers were very attentive to him. They support him logistically during the purchase and transportation of the goods from Dushanbe to Kulyab and financially as he told us. Thus, one more migrant returning home gradually building his life back after migration, and here Caritas plays a remarkable role.

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