Every year 15th of October the world celebrates Global Handwashing Day, which serves as an event to raise global awareness on the importance of hand-washing. The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic particularly emphasizes the importance of hand-washing habit as one of the universal and simplest ways to prevent the spread of any bacteria and virus and to ensure better health for humans.
In the frame of its WASH program, CT undertook some actions devoted to this day used the event to promote the campaign to motivate and mobilize people in the target communities to improve their handwashing habits. The actions clearly delivered a message that handwashing as ever showed its particular importance and effectiveness as a useful habit to prevent the spread of any bacteria, especially COVID-19 virus, and to guarantee improved person’s health. This message is in line with this year’s Global Handwashing Day theme – Hand Hygiene for All, calling for society to achieve universal hand hygiene for today and the future.
The action was facilitated by the local partner NGO “Alternativa” in schools of Qubodiyon district. Students discussed the importance of handwashing, demonstrated the right way of washing hands, and shared the obtained information with families. The Action is supported by CRS.

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