Caritas Tajikistan joined worldwide celebration of the World Health day by its action carried out in partnership with local health authorities.
As the global pandemic of COVID-19 has shown, in our increasingly connected world, global health impacts us all. As we observing infectious diseases, climate change exacerbates health issues locally and globally as ever. In this context, celebrating World health day gains special importance. It make people aware of the benefits of being healthy individually and together in community, in country and globally.
Following this spirit of the Day, CT has organized joint action throughout which staff of local health units visited every street, every HHs in the remote target area to bring this message to every community member. They talked about the importance of maintaining own health and the health of close people in the conditions of the global pandemic. They talked about infectious diseases and visited sick patients. The action lasted 7 days (from April 07) covering 309 HHs and the 1871 population.
Funded by CRS

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