Caritas Tajikistan resumes its health program on fighting tuberculosis (TB) in the penitentiary system (PS) of the country. While such interventions in past were supported by Caritas Luxembourg, the new project which started on April 01’ 2021 funded by Caritas Italy. The “Sustaining the supportive environment to uphold prevention and control of tuberculosis (TB) in the penitentiary system of Tajikistan”-2021 project comprehensively addresses prevention, diagnostic, treatment and social care of TB patients in PS and in the civil sector if they released during the treatment. It directly targets 100+ TB patients (of sensitive, MDR, and XDR TB forms) and benefits from it will be received by 2000 staff of PS and 12 000 inmates. Project realized in close partnership with the National TB program and medical department of PS. We note that CT has more than 10 years of experience working in the penitentiary system with its health and social projects.
Funded by Caritas Italy

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