Tajikistan is currently facing a new onset of the COVID-19 epidemic. The country received about seven hundred thousand doses of vaccines in the frame of WHO COVAX Vaccine Distribution program. In this situation, Caritas Tajikistan (CT) considers as a critical need to issue a policy that has to stimulate staff and partners quickly to get vaccinated. The policy pursues the aim to motivate employees of CT to get vaccinated soon. While developing the policy CT considered local and international practices of a similar kind.
The policy emphasizes that at this stage of the pandemic, vaccination is the best way to protect your workplace and promote a policy of protecting employees from COVID-19 in its new strains is with COVID-19 vaccines. It refers to WHO guidelines stating that vaccines protect against serious illnesses caused by the new coronavirus and are believed to reduce transmission rates.
The policy tried to make vaccination at a maximum level attractive for staff and compensate for some disabilities related to side effects and co-morbidities. For this purpose, the policy prescribes up to five days of paid leave in case of post-vaccine complications. It gives 0.5 day off for a day of taking the vaccine. The organization may also take a part of the cost of the post-vaccination complications for employees if this happens.

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