Intensive heavy rains in south regions of Tajikistan this spring season become a cause of massive mudflows, landslides and floods causing fatalities and damage to roads, bridges, homes and livestock. As results of the series of disasters 15 districts affected, 600 families evacuated, 660 houses damaged hundreds hectare of agriculture land destroyed and 100 livestock was killed.
One of the affected districts is Jomi district. Earth motion there swiped out 30 HHs leaving people without all means of living.
In July, Caritas Tajikistan will launch an emergency response project to help the suffered population to rehabilitate their houses. The project aims to support affected families in the construction of new houses; it will also address WASH needs of individual houses and the whole resettled community. The project will adhere in this project on the use of the community-based DRR approach.
Funded by Caritas Germany and CRS

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