It is the third year that Caritas Tajikistan (CT) works through several disabled associations in Khatlon region to provide access to zero-interest micro-credits for disabled people. The aim of the activity is to provide an opportunity for people with disabilities to run their own small businesses and at the same time to strengthen the capacity of those CSOs- associations to be active as civil society agents.
In May month, this year, a new CSO joined the project making the total number of CT partners four. It is the Affiliation of the National Association of disabled people in Khuroson district.
It is a young organization with its plans and ambitions. Like the partner organization of this network, the new one will be gradually introduced to this activity. They have received a small amount as the first start-up grant for opening the microcredit activity among its own members. CT will monitor their performance and give recommendations. Micro-credits will be given to the interested member for a period of up to one year. The NGO assesses each applicant for credibility and feasibility of a business idea and will have to rely on the experience of the other network members. To cover operational expenses related to handling credits the association will charge credits in the future with low interest.

Funded by the Vatican

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