The Penitentiary system (PS) in Tajikistan has a colony for imprisoned women. Within the colony, there is a kindergarten that accommodates women with their infants of up to 3 years old, for those mothers who wills this. Some female inmates are imprisoned during the pregnancy period and later give birth in prison stay in this kindergarten. This kindergarten in past was suffering from a number of problems.
Project of Caritas Tajikistan that was funded through MISSIO USA (Catholic crowdfunding platform) addressed a number of the problems of the kindergarten. Charity funds were directed to fix the leakage of the roof and liquidated getting wet rooms in the winter, providing access to piped water to all prison facilities.
It is notable that at the beginning of fundraising (through MISSIO) the collection went quite slow, but during the COVID-19 lockdowns quickly went up. Using this moment we express our gratitude to everybody who contributed to this charity project.

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