CT is currently working on an emergency project that aims to help the suffered population from a landslide in Jomi district to construct new houses in the new location. The disaster swiped out 20 and damaged 15 HHs leaving people without means of living. Part of the suffered HHs was supported by the government to construct new houses.
Based on a project needs assessment the community is supported by the project in providing access to clean water, construction of safely managed latrines, construction of houses and constructing flood throw ditches.
The project customer, Abdujabbor Tagoev is one of those who severely suffered from the disaster, as three families from his household were left by the disaster without a house. Abdujabbor and his wife (in the picture) are thankful to the project and cooperate with it actively in order to complete the construction of his house soon.
Funded by Caritas Germany and CRS

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