Caritas Tajikistan is continuing its work with migrants. As part of this program work, there is a social-reintegration activity with returnees coming back from EU countries within ERRIN network in partnership with Caritas Internationalis in Belgium. The social-reintegration aims to integrate returnees back into society providing support with finding employment opportunities, opening their own job/ engagement, or helping to solve their social issues.
Amina (her name here is changed by her request), a young woman, a mother of 3 children, returned to Tajikistan from Germany. Caritas is working with her. In the frame of the reintegration work, she has been supported by Caritas to revive their family business, restaurant. The family restaurant was not fully functioning for quite some time. Currently, she is completing the renovation of a building o the restaurant according to her reintegration plan. Amina looks happy since she can realize the dreams of her family to revive their family business and provide the future for herself and her family.

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