It looks like producing fence net is a good and profitable business in Kurgan-tube. Three blind inhabitant of the city run small business on producing metallic fence mesh. They have hand machines for producing fence net and two more in the basement room. Depending on the size of the mesh cells they might use one or another machine satisfying any orders made by clients. Very important that the tools they use for producing mesh are very simple to allow even blind people to operate and manage them. They make about 300-500 USD income per month, that is a good money in Tajikistan, taking into account comparatively low prices in the local market.
Caritas Tajikistan through Disable Association of Kurgan-Tube provides zero-interest credits to the disabled members of the association to open and run their own small businesses. Alamurod has used the received credit for purchasing row materials for his business. Micro-credits are given to the interested member for the period up to one year. The Association assesses each applicant for credibility and feasibility of business idea and they have good experience on this. To cover operational expenses related with handling credits the association will charge credits in future with low interest.