The project “Setting up pediatric cardio surgery unit” (phase 3) provided this unit with oxygen generating plant (for 5 beds) from known supplier Medgas-Technik GmbH, Germany. After installation of unit is first visit of Medgas specialist that have regular trips to Tajikistan to provide technical support in maintenance of used equipment of Medgas in this country. Mr. Nimbach – hired by Medgas an engineer was quite satisfied to see that the unit is in good operating condition and project partners helpfully benefit from it.

We note that the mentioned project was started in 2013 by the support of Caritas Luxembourg. During the three phases the project could prepare facilities under the new unit, opened the pediatric cardio surgery unit, provided basic inventor and key modern medical equipment and developed capacity of health staff to operationalize the unit. Currently, children, even newborn infants with different cardio failures may have treatment (including surgery) in this department.