The massive migration boom that targets Europe involves some people from Tajikistan, too.   Caritas Tajikistan (CT) works with “Micado Migration” (Germany) on return of those who failed to sustain back home.

CT cooperates with the organization on social work with returnees after they deported to the country. Beside travel expenses “Micado Migration” supports reintegration activities with returnees in home country. Often it is grant support for developing own small business. CT much involved in these activities assessing feasibility of the proposed business ideas and reality of implementation of the proposed plans by returnee.

The first returnee we worked with opened business specialized on internet shopping and reselling goods in the local market. Later on he extended his business and opened a car polishing workshop. Another fellow has focused on fruit gardening. He, jointly with his family repaired an abandoned borehole, installed water pump and now using it for watering trees and will be using to fill in a swimming pool. The highway is crossing nearby the garden and there are many passengers and tourists crossing his place to be potential clients for him.