The team of Caritas Tajikistan (CT), especially the health-tuberculosis (TB) team is continuously working on seeking and applying for new funding opportunities. It is because of the importance and urgency of TB fighting work as specified in SDG goals to end TB by 2035, and also because the country has a high drug resistance TB incidence rate, and also because the work, we do on TB in the penitentiary system is very exclusive.
These efforts brought a new notable result this year when CT’s proposal on promoting a rights-based approach to TB in PS found support from Stop TB Partnership. The proposed project is unique in itself for the country as it never before talks about rights in the context of the prison system.
In relation to this planned project, CT’s director was invited to the global Stop TB Partnership community summit (held in Bangkok on November 22). This exciting and useful event was an orientation for CT on the global TB strategy, and key concepts of CRG approach and had practical value for a project implementer.

Using this opportunity, we would like to draw your attention to the upcoming UN high-level meeting (HLM) planned for September 2023, where the TB issues and plans to end TB by 2035 will be discussed again at a very high level. It is a very important matter as annually TB kills 1.6 million people (in 2021) in this way TB is the second leading infectious killer after COVID-19. ( #EndTB )

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