The social-reintegration (SR) activity of Caritas Tajikistan progresses in 2022. This year (till the report moment) 12 returnees from European countries received social-reintegration thanks to the support of such partners as Micado-Migration and Dutch Council for Refugees.
We would like to share this time SR story with a returnee from Germany who willed to return back home. Murodali Burov migrated to Europe in 2016 with his family for a better life. However, due to some issues with documentation and employment, he could not sustain himself and had to return home in 2021 and sought support by applying to European Return and Reintegration Network (ERRIN).
After his return he decided to open his own business – to open an auto repair shop, it is because he has relevant experience. Moreover, he was engaged in a similar job in Germany and developed his knowledge and skills. He became a specialist in a wide range of auto services including engine diagnostics, vehicle body repairs, and servicing conventional and hybrid cars. By arrival, Burov presented a plan for the construction of facilities under an auto repair shop and was supported by ERRIN to spend allocated reintegration support funds for construction materials. His auto shop is operational now.
In 2022 his wife and two kids also returned back home from Europe and were supported by Micado-Migration. This support also was provided through Caritas Tajikistan. The uniqueness of the case is that he as an experienced returnee was involved in the process of reintegration work with his wife.
Such, returnee Murodali and his family is a good example of completed SR activity with migrants by Caritas.

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