The team of Caritas Tajikistan (CT) has managed to come together for the organizational annual meeting. The meeting combined the strategic planning review workshop, capacity-building sessions, and team-building sessions. A special session was devoted to the CI launching campaign “Together WE”.
The planning session was rich with presentations of actual and recent projects giving information for fruitful SWOT analysis. The SWOT analysis encompassed a wide range of global and local issues concerning Tajikistan including global climate change, the situation in Afghanistan and Ukraine, food cost rise, migration, tuberculosis and others. This analysis will be in use during the work on the new strategic plan of the organization in 2023, after CI GA when the new CI strategic framework will be announced.
As part of the capacity-building session of the event, training on business communication was facilitated. The time between sessions was enriched with teambuilding-oriented games.
The event could engage former employees of the organization, who currently has no actual contract with Caritas.

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